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North Tokyo

PC (Windows & Mac)
Nintendo Switch

Málaga, Spain


TIES: Soul Link is a 2D Metroidvania, a video game that combines elements of action RPG and platform adventure with a strong and immersive narrative. It incorporates elements drawn from the RPG genre, such as quests to develop the story, a living world with cities where you can rest and replenish equipment, decision-making that will affect the plot, and equipable skills that will develop our protagonist during the adventure.

Players will have to enhance the protagonist’s abilities to solve puzzles, defeat enemies, and advance through the various cities presented in the video game. The cities in TIES will have a defined linear path to follow the story, although each will offer routes or hidden areas blocked that contain secrets and collectibles, in addition to paths that will allow connections between different zones.

TIES is framed within the science fiction – fantasy genre with a very personal graphic section: it mixes Cartoon style with cyberpunk, Japanese, Nordic, classical Greek, and Persian/African settings.


Year 2097. Four decades have passed since humanity managed to survive the effects of climate change. Humans are making their way in a new world shaped by nature and machines. The pace of life and the greed of megacorporations ended up collapsing the world, causing great catastrophes in the balance of the Earth. The machines created by humans to speed up and increase their production began to corrupt and evolve into synthetic beings that wanted to protect the Earth from any threat, including humans.

Humanity had to take refuge and learn from its mistakes. In the year 2057, humanity began to create a new form of life focused on technological progress that led to the creation of the largest city on Earth, Neon City, governed by a council of thinkers, scientists, and experts from all disciplines. During the first decade, research and technological advances made it possible to discover a special connection between some humans and animals, they called it: Soul Link.


The Soul Link is a delicate symbiotic, natural, and spiritual connection between a human being and another animal species. It is a relationship in which both beings share sensations, emotions, and the same vital essence, without losing their individuality in terms of thought. Not much is known about the Soul Link. Scientists make discoveries day by day. However, they are unaware that the key to understanding this phenomenon lies in the past.

During his journey, Kiro will acquire forgotten knowledge from the ancient world, which hides the answers to the questions of the future.


After an unfortunate accident, Kiro and Chloe are abruptly separated, after having been together almost since their first days of life. This causes Kiro to become completely weakened and Chloe to fall ill. Kiro will have to find the way to Chloe to save both his friend and himself. The path will not be easy, as the world that extends beyond Neon City is dangerous and wild.

The adventure will take Kiro around the world, showing him the ruins of the old world and unveiling the secrets of the Soul Link, until now unknown to humanity.


Kiro is the protagonist of TIES, a white fox born in the wild. He has white fur and blue markings, a result of his connection with Chloe. Since their union, they have always stayed together, protecting her from any danger. Kiro is a bit fearful, affectionate, energetic, and protective, though he’s also a bit mischievous and tends to get distracted easily.

Chloe is a 9-year-old girl who is empathetic, loving, and cheerful, though she can also be somewhat shy and reserved. She is the only child of a couple of scientists studying the Soul Link. The couple encouraged the connection between Chloe and Kiro from the first day, which strengthened their relationship and made it particularly intense. As a result, Chloe learned from a very early age what friendship and love are. Her hobbies include playing video games and drawing, bringing to life her own imaginary worlds to then capture them on her tablet.


The enemies in Ties are specters from past times: Machines that were left on Earth when natural disasters ravaged the land.

These machines were created by humans to accelerate and increase the production of companies before the great catastrophe, but over time they evolved into more intelligent and autonomous synthetic beings. Many adopted the form of animal species in an attempt to integrate and find their place on Earth. This logic led them to malfunction and corrupt their consciousness, turning them against the rest of the creatures to protect the Earth.

At the same time, their study of the Earth and its history led them to understand the essence of what made humans regress: Fear. Therefore, their logic was to try to absorb it to be able to use it in the protection of the Earth.


TIES offers a gameplay experience focused on combat, exploration, puzzle-solving, and the development of an emotive story:

  • The gameplay is based on the use of swords, armors, magics, and abilities. TIES features a slot-based skill system, allowing for extensive customization and enabling players to adopt their preferred playstyle. The weapon Kiro uses to attack is a sword, though there will be a wide variety of sword models that will increase Kiro’s attack power or grant new abilities. These sword models can be acquired in different shops in the cities or found as secrets scattered throughout the world of TIES. Kiro will have equipable armors that protect him from attacks and add abilities or resistance to different magics. The equipable magics are called “Runes” and can be swapped to create combinations that best suit the player’s style. Additionally, Kiro will be able to unlock new abilities found during his adventure in the vast world of TIES.
  • TIES introduces a dynamic day and night system; at night, the number and difficulty of enemies will increase, but you will also be able to find exclusive items or areas that are not available during the day. This system adds an extra level of challenge and rewards nighttime exploration.
  • Solving puzzles through wit and the character’s abilities will complement the combat.
  • Throughout each city, players will find shops and establishments where they can buy, sell, or upgrade equipment, places to recover health, or simply relax and talk with the residents.
  • Progression through the cities will be essentially “linear” to follow the story, although players will have the opportunity to explore and discover new blocked areas or paths that connect to other cities. At certain points, players will need to return to previous cities to unlock new abilities and continue advancing.


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